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Walking in the Caucasus, Georgia
Peter Nasmyth


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Georgia is probably the finest walker’s destination in Europe – and ranks in the world’s top twelve for landscape diversity (extraordinary for a nation the size of Ireland). It possesses several peaks higher than Mont Blanc, and more endemic species of animal and flower than any western European country. Yet it receives very few visitors.

Peter Nasmyth - who lives partly in Tbilisi, partly in London and has written several books on the region – has received so many inquiries as to whether Georgia is ‘safe,’ he’s finally written his response – as the first ever walking guide. In this the new, improved second edition of his highly personal guide he presents 53 routes with maps, GPS coordinates, 125 colour photos, and sections on birds, flora and fauna.

184pp / full colour / 2013

23 detailed maps, GPS co-ordinates

Travellers stories

Size: 200mm x 100mm

ISBN 9780955914546

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'…We are impressed by the book and like its walk summaries, excellent maps, sumptuous photos, high-quality print - all in one gorgeous, shiny, pocket-sized format….’

Tbilisi Pastimes, May/June 2006

Third edition now published in German language (October, 2019).